How Pick Pal Works

It's as easy as 1-2-3

1 Load

Open case and insert up to 10 interconnected picks.

2 Separate

Compress case lids together and separate all the picks at once.

3 Dispense

Open case and pluck any pick from its holding place.

Watch it Work

Why Pick Pal?

You deserve better and will love your Soft-Picks more than ever.


Best Solution

Not just the best, Pick Pal is the first and only smart solution to organize, separate and access your picks. And, it's also the most environmentally friendly.


Highest Quality

Tempered aluminum alloy construction for durability without the weight.

Anodized surfaces for hygienic protection that won't wear, peel or corrode.

Easy open-close magnetic latch system.


Lifetime Warranty

That's right. We are so confident in the patented design, quality and reliability of Pick Pal, we warranty it for life.


Free Shipping

No surprise here. All orders to U.S. destinations are free. To all other countries, shipping charges apply, but will be discounted by the cost of Free domestic shipping.